Canadian Technical Solutions


Canadian Technical Solutions was founded by Rick and Dan Minke as a father/son partnership. Rick Minke started in business 25 years ago Designing, Engineering and Building Automated Machinery and Assembly Lines for the Automotive, Nuclear, Aerospace and Manufacturing sector. Residential, Commercial and Industrial Construction was also part of his business in the late eighties and early nineties as well. In 2006 Rick was asked to be the Industrial Engineer and Master Builder for the Discovery Channel show  "Patent Bending". At this time a passion for the TV industry was formed. After selling his successful business in 2009 the desire to return to the TV industry was strong for him and his youngest son Dan who grew up in the business and helped build the cool inventions on "Patent Bending" so CTS was formed. After a successful launch of Canada's Greatest Know It All with Boxing Cats Productions CTS caught the attention of other production companies looking for the " Team Package Approach "that Rick and Dan were providing. Complete Service, Best Practice, Attention to Detail and Team Players best describe Rick, Dan and the CTS Team. We are not a rental company or a production company but we have the gear you would rent, the people you would hire and put it together as a Team Package and provide it with a 125% Satisfaction Guarantee for an all in price. CTS offers one or more of the following services for your production company. 


Canadian Technical Solutions
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