Canadian Technical Solutions

Location Support

When your Production Company has to work outside the studio environment you need to have a base camp package that will allow you to support all facets of your production. CTS has the staff and equipment to setup and manage this base camp for you. Our staff are multi trade so the same people the drive the trucks and trailers also look after genny operation, construction, tent and table setups, electrical distribution, washroom cleaning, grip setup etc.

CTS inventory contains but is not limited to the following:

Trucks - tractor trailers, 5 tons, cube vans, pick up trucks
Trailers - 53' vans, flatbeds, tilt and loads, storage trailers
Production Trailers - Production offices, Sound and Engineering, Camera, Construction, Makeup and Wardrobe
Motorhomes - from 26' to 38' 
Washrooms - multi stall executive with heat and air conditioning
Lifts - Boom and scissor 19' to 125'
Fork lifts
- propane, diesel, telescoping, straight boom
-  truck mount, trailer mount, small put puts, 15 amp to 1600 amp single and three phase. Blimped and                     Crystal Synced studio quiet.
Distro - seaway, stingers, disconnects, power bars, panels
Cable Mats - 5 wire HD
Heaters - 1500 to 650,000 BTU's
Tents - 30'x60' frame, 20'x40' frame, 20'x20' frame, 10'x20' frame, 10'x10' pop ups
Tables - rectangular, round, fold up, podiums
Chairs - fold up, director
Cones - 18" HD
Signs - sandwich, construction, flip traffic, radar with digital display, programmable led
Sand Bags - 20lb, 30lb
Cleaning - brooms, shovels, rakes, garbage pails etc
Pressure Washers - 2500 psi 3GPM gas

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